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Esports Tournaments

Our event calendar contains all the local tournaments and viewing parties around Las Vegas. Catch up on the latest news around the Las Vegas Esports scene.

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Stay up to date on all the new venues and tournament scenes starting up across the Valley. Know about an esports event, venue, or news article we may have missed? Or simply have a question we can answer? Please contact us and tell us all about it! Welcome to Esports in Las Vegas. Our goal is to provide gamers in Las Vegas with a resource about all upcoming esports events in the Las Vegas area.

Our governor, Brian Sandoval is already committed to making Las Vegas the esports capital of the world, and we're moving quickly in that direction.

esports tournaments 2018

More and more venues are opening up around the city, and many local bars and shops are starting to host their own esports viewing events, and local tournaments.

While there are already hundreds of bars and venues which cater to the average sports fan, there are still very few that cater to gamers.

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Sure, you'll see places like Insert Coins RIPor Hi-Scores Barcade, but they're mostly catering to a mainstream audience with nostalgia for their childhood. Our mission is to change that. We want to make it easier for gamers to find bars, venues, and events that are created for them. As more local businesses start to host esports events, we will be compiling a calendar of as many of them as we can. In addition to helping gamers find a place to call their own, we want to help and support local businesses that understand the growing esports and gaming market.

esports tournaments 2018

Our hope is that if we can connect gamers with businesses, Las Vegas can become the esports capitol of the world, and gamers can finally feel as accepted as sports fans always have. If you know of any events or venues that we're not covering on the site, please let us know. We want to make sure we're providing the most comprehensive resource possible.

Visit our contact page with any questions or comments. Copyright Esports in Las Vegas Inc. Esports in Las Vegas. Event Calendar Never miss an esports or gaming event in Las Vegas! Contact Us Know about an esports event, venue, or news article we may have missed? Stay Connected. Back to Top.Join the wiki's discord server here! Sign In. From Fortnite Esports Wiki.

esports tournaments 2018

Jump to: navigationsearch. Dec Dec 14 - Dec Nov 24 - Dec Nov 30 - Dec 3. Dec 2. Oct 12 - Nov Nov 24 - Nov Nov Nov 15 - Nov Nov 10 - Nov Oct 19 - Nov Oct 26 - Oct Oct 25 - Oct Sep 26 - Oct Oct Oct 18 - Oct Oct 10 - Oct Esports tournaments are the best places to see the greatest esports teams and players in action.

These massive gaming events are watched by hundreds of thousands of people, both inside huge stadiums and via streaming services, such as ours. As well as previews of some of the biggest esports showdowns of the year, we will also look back at some legendary performances that have helped make events like the Intel Extreme Masters — one of the most popular fixtures on the esports calendar.

FNC vs IG - Finals Game 1 - World Championship - Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming (2018)

From humble origins at the beginning of the century, these esports competitions have steadily grown in stature to the point where they now represent the pinnacle of video gaming culture. Many of the most illustrious esports players have cemented their legendary reputations at these tournaments, and so we want to help you find out which esports tournaments consistently offer the greatest entertainment and the best betting odds.

Despite its humble origins in Sweden, DreamHack rapidly grew to be a key player on the esports scene as a result of featuring the best players in iconic games like Dota 2, LoL, and CS:GO, as well as lesser-known options like Smite and Heroes of Newerth. The Intel Extreme Masters is another competition that deserves plenty of attention. From shock results in Major League Gaming, to the latest gossip on which LoL players are looking like favourites in the Mid-Season Invitationals, you can be sure of getting the latest news along with plenty of expert analysis.

So that whether you want the latest news on who the new team members of SK Telecom T1 are, or just want some good betting tips for the next round of ESL Gaming, you can find all of the information you need here. Esports Tournaments Esports Tournaments. With a history of over 20 years of tournaments, the EVO events always draw a large crowd of dedicated fans and talented players, along with featuring the best competitive fighting More.

Esports Tournaments. With eight of the best teams in the world competing More.

Worlds 2018

The competition is aimed at incentivizing more team based gameplay, by grouping players of all skill sets More. It should be noted that despite being a More. This is a series of CSGO events that are played throughout the year. It all started back in Although, these events got More. The League of Legends World Championship is on the horizon! Season 2 of Hearthstone Grandmasters will start in a couple of days.The following is a list of recurring esports tournaments in alphabetical order, split between active and defunct tournaments.

Watch Live on Twitch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Here's everything you need to know". NBC News. Retrieved 17 July Events High.

Archived from the original PDF on Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 2 Jul Believe it or not, game geeks have adoring fans".

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Without the Hype". Business Wire. Retrieved 7 Jul Esports and competitive video gaming. List of esports players List of esports games List of esports leagues and tournaments. Category Commons.

Categories : Esports competitions Esports-related lists.Twenty-eight year old Ho Kun Xian started gaming as a young boy. There he began to master the art of fighting games. Years later, he turned pro, earning thousands of dollars in prize money as a gamer. Xian's story highlights the burgeoning esports industry, which is minting millionaires who play video games for a living by the age of Esports refers to competitive video gaming where teams or individuals play against each other in games such as EA's "FIFA" series or Valve Corporation's "Dota 2" for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money, in front of millions of viewers watching online and in physical arenas.

While esports may be smaller than traditional sports leagues like soccer's Premier League in the U. It's only in the past few years that professional gaming has become a viable career option. Prize money for winning tournaments is on the rise and major brands want sponsor teams or competitions to reach a millennial audience.

Esports Tournaments

To give a sense of the scale of the industry, here's some stats. The final had nearly 15 million people watching across various streaming sites, including Amazon -owned Twitch. If you took out the number of Chinese viewers that number would have fallen to 1. In fact, esports is a truly international phenomenon. Newzoo expects 53 percent of the esports audience to be in the Asia Pacific region in and 18 percent to be in Europe. In comparison, North America will account for around 14 percent.

Asia has a rich gaming history, being home to many well-known gaming companies such as Sony and Nintendo.

The 10 Biggest Esports of 2018 by Total Prize Pool

The growth in viewership has been driven by the higher quality broadcast being put on. If you were to watch an esports tournament online you'd see many of the aspects that appear on traditional sports broadcasts — commentary, analysis and stats. The Romans were doing that. Gfinity is a U. Not only is esports broadcasts trying to mirror traditional sports leagues, some of the training aspects have similarities too.

Tobin lives in a house in London with other players and a coach. He runs drills on FIFA, practices aspects of the game such as corners and free kicks, and even goes to the gym, saying it helps with having a healthy body and healthy mind. Tobin trains for 16 hours a day and plans tactics around his strength, which is corner kicks, he told CNBC's "Beyond the Valley.

The playing age of esports players also mirrors other sports.Esports tournaments are multiplayer video game competitions between professional players and teams, competing against each other either online or in real world venues.

More commonly through organised competitions and held in large arenas worldwide, these tournaments are an up and coming sport to be viewed and supported both online and as part of a crowd. The esports market is increasing in popularity and is a solid provider for entertainment to anyone with an interest in gaming, both competitive and casual.

The excitement of esports tournaments comes from watching some of the best players in the world competing, in the vast variety of games to watch, bet on and support and then playing the game yourself.

Show more. With hundreds of tournaments available annually, both online and around the world, esports fans are not limited to specific time-zones and there is always something exciting to watch. Tournaments vary in both scale, skill and prize pool, with the latter ranging from the hundreds of dollars to the millions.

esports tournaments 2018

This results in every event to be uniquely entertaining and easily accessible. As with all interests, you may not be attracted to all aspects of the subject and this can often be the case with esports competitions; some may appeal more than others. When browsing for tournament information, thankfully we provide a filtering system on our website that enables you to identify your interests and be provided with the information that you need, easily and quickly.

Clearly identified by gaming titles, this saves the you time that is better spent spectating your chosen game or betting on your favourite teams to win. Upcoming Tournaments A full esports event calendar can be found below.

Use the accompanying filters to find upcoming tournaments for your game of choice, or simply scroll and browse them all. Show less. The world of esports tournaments varies in popularity for a number of reasons, and some are arguably better than others.

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For instance, the skill level of teams involved can differ from amateur groups of friends in open tournaments, all the way up to professional organisations, turning over millions of dollars a year. As with the location, a colossal stadium full of cheering fans will provide much better production value and viewing experience for the tournament than an online only competition.

Enjoyment will always be dependant on all of these factors and more, but this helps to keep things interesting, fresh and unlike other mainstream events. The League of Legends Worlds tournament is an annual tournament that professional League of Legends teams qualify for during the LCS splits on the lead up to the tournament.

Rotating through the different regions, the Worlds tournament gives fans from all over the world the chance to attend the tournament in their own country. In recent years the competition has been held in Europe, Korea, China and the US, with qualifying and final stages held in different cities.

The annual Dota 2 invitational is well-known worldwide for having without doubt the biggest prizepool of all esports tournaments. Each year the top teams from around the world take the stage to compete for this lions share.Of course, those tallies pale in comparison to another MOBA coming later on this list. Fortnite was inescapable this year, with streamers and celebrities helping to catapult the free-to-play battle royale hit into the mainstream consciousness, and Epic spent the back half of the year experimenting with big-money tournaments and competitive formats.

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He is based out of Chicago. UK-based esports organization Method announced a long-term partnership with Chinese livestreaming platform DouYu. This partnership will see Method and DouYu Whether that means defusing bombs, destroying the In an announcement made on its official Twitter account, Esports Engine revealed that it has hired Arica Kress as head Sunday, April 12, Login Register.

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